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  2. size 11. 2013? Air Jordan Retro 3 white cements up for sale. Condition: 8.5/10 ¡comes with original box.

  3. Couple months ago. My barber cut off my “Jedi braid to be”. I was hot on mamas #publicprivacy


  5. The red crip.

  6. #ubercollective specials. 855-420-UBER . Tell them I sent you…

  7. There is truly some mystical appeal about the extra real estate in a handicap stall. Nonetheless, I have chosen my new cubicle. #publicprivacy

  8. In the beginning it was Crenshaw and Rosecrans

  9. Yeaaaaaa #pootietAng low budget goodness

  10. Thank you for calling #publicprivacy